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Mediterranean Cottage Cheese Wrap with Prosciutto & Spinach

Mediterranean Cottage Cheese Wrap with Prosciutto & Spinach

Have you noticed the modern cottage cheese obsession on social media? I kind of like it! While I haven't tried cottage cheese ice cream yet, I have seen the viral cottage cheese wrap recipes making waves. There's even a cottage-cheese-only version out there, but as someone who's usually skeptical of single-ingredient recipes, I decided to take it to the next level by creating this Mediterranean Cottage Cheese Wrap recipe.

Making this wrap is very easy, using simple ingredients. Just blend together cottage cheese, eggs, Kalamata olives, oregano and garlic powder to create a delicious batter. Spread it thinly and bake until it's lightly browned. You get a pliable high protein wrap which you fill with mediterranean vegetables like fresh spinach, tomatoes, then layer with prosciutto.

This delicious wrap makes a great option for a nutritious breakfast or an easy lunch.

Easy 3-Ingredient Truffles in Mango & Strawberry Dust

Easy 3-Ingredient Truffles in Mango & Strawberry Dust

Make sure to try this easy recipe for 3-ingredient chocolate truffles, the perfect treat for chocolate lovers!

With a velvety richness that melts in your mouth with the first bite, these decadent chocolate truffles are rolled in crushed freeze-dried strawberries and mangoes, adding a delightful burst of fruity flavor.

Made with semi-sweet chocolate, coconut milk, and vanilla, these truffles are simple to make and absolutely irresistible. Perfect for parties or as a sweet homemade gift, they’re sure to satisfy any chocolate craving!


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